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Chiral chemistry & biotechnology

Biocatalysis and fermentation services.

Full service offering for enzymes, fermentation, strain development.

Evonik is a leading player in the field of chiral chemistry. We are proud to provide a full service offering for enzymes, fermentation and strain development, and offer a strong platform for chiral products, including chemo- and biocatalysis.

We can assist with carbohydrate chemistry and purification tasks, and leverage a broad range of technologies for nucleoside APIs. Moreover, we deliver a range of amino acids and derivatives – including natural and non-natural amino acids, and di- and tripeptides.

We are also experts in enzymes. We have used more than 20 different types of enzymes in production, and up to very large volumes. Specifically, we possess an in-house enzyme library, and specialize in isolated enzymes and whole cell processes.

In addition, we are a global leader in fermentation. We have a total fermentation reactor volume approaching 4,000 m³, and can support all fermentation applications – from strain development to commercial manufacturing.

Chiral Chemistry, carbohydrates, nucleoside chemistry
  • From chiral pool to advanced chemo- and biocatalysis

  • Carbohydrates: chemistry and purification

  • Broad technology range for nucleoside API

Amino acids and derivatives
  • Natural and nonnatural amino acids

  • Extensive biotech and chemistry portfolio

  • Di- and tripeptides

Biocatalysis and enzyme chemistry
  • Isolated enzymes and whole cell processes

  • In-house enzyme library

  • Experience > 20 different enzyme types

  • From directed evolution to large scale production

  • Acylases, alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH), aldolases, amidases, amino acid dehydrogenases, transaminases, lipases, oxynitrilases, …

  • Total fermentation volume almost 4,000 m3

  • From strain development to commercial manufacturing

  • Leading global player

  • Application of different organisms (especially bacteria and yeast)

Exclusive Synthesis

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