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Leading production capacities around the globe.

Our FDA-approved Tippecanoe site in Lafayette, Indiana, USA offers the world’s largest capacity for HPAPI manufacturing, at 170 m³.

With a total of three HPAPI plants on site, we can produce up to six types of HPAPI simultaneously – even with operational exposure levels (OELs) as low as 0.1 µg/m³. This unique capacity means that we can scale production up or down in line with your specific needs – from major projects to laboratory quantities.

In addition to its HPAPI capacity, our Tippecanoe site also has extensive cryogenic capabilities, with reactors that support reactions down to -80 °C. The facility can also assist with tasks including analytical and physical characterization (e.g. x-rays, particle size, NMR, etc.), large-scale fermentation (with a capacity for secondary metabolites of 2,500 m³), solvent recovery, on-site incineration of solids and liquids, and the generation of purified water and steam.

Key Facts:
  • Location: Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana, USA

  • Number of employees: 550

  • Number of plants: 5 (including 3 HPAPI plants)

  • Total API/HPAPI/intermediate capacity: 860 m³

  • Number of reactors: 140 (volumes ranging from 0.1 – 15.2 m³)

  • Number of centrifuges: 23

  • Number of dryers: 21

  • Total fermentation capacity for secondary metabolites: 2,500 m³

  • Approvals/certifications: FDA approved; certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


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