Nutraceutical formulation and services

Nutraceutical formulation & services

Evonik has extensive expertise in the field of nutraceutical formulations, and offers a vast array of technical capabilities at both laboratory and industrial scales.

As a result, we are uniquely equipped to develop solutions that further improve the properties of your product and thus offer differentiation opportunities.

We operate more than ten formulation development laboratories worldwide – providing a strong platform to support our customers across the globe.

We can provide assistance at every stage of a formulation project – giving you a crucial competitive edge in your regional markets. Alternatively, Evonik’s range of off-the-shelf formulations can be used for a variety of applications.


Evonik Health Care is perfectly placed to support customers around the world with all aspects of nutraceutical formulation development.

We operate over ten formulation development laboratories across the globe. Our team of specialists can advise customers on methods and forms of targeted ingredient delivery and particle design. Our functional coatings provide the following functionalities:

  • taste and odor masking to improve the consumer experience

  • protection of ingredients from moisture, oxygen and light

  • gastro retention

  • enteric protection

  • colonic delivery

  • sustained release

  • instant release

We carry a host of successful case studies to demonstrate the functionalities and performance of our formulations - just ask our formulation experts.



Project managers are crucial to the success of any formulation project. Evonik Health Care project managers lead and accompany every phase of a customer development project – from initial inquiry to final delivery. Each manager acts as a central point of contact to the customer, and is responsible for building a flexible team that reflects the project’s specific needs.

Our highly qualified, customer-focused formulation specialists possess a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by brand owner and manufacturer in the nutraceutical industry.

Last but not least, we combine a strong regional presence with consistent global standards – the perfect combination for seamless, successful projects´.


Clinical Trials

Evonik Health Care can design and manage clinical trials to validate the effectiveness of both ingredients and formulations. This enables nutraceutical manufacturers to conclusively substantiate proposed health benefits, based on powerful scientific evidence. We also offer support, as well as samples for animal and human studies.

As a result, brand owners are able to offer innovative, highly differentiated consumer products that meet the specific needs of individual target markets.

In a nutshell, Evonik Health Care is your perfect partner when it comes to formulation development.


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