Oral drug delivery


Rapid drug release in the upper small intestine.

Improve efficacy by targeted and accelerated release.

What is Duocoat®?

Duocoat® is an oral drug delivery technology designed to achieve rapid or accelerated release in the upper small intestine or ileocolonic region, thus improving the efficacy of your drug.

What is the application?

  • Rapid onset of release – important for pain medication, proton pump inhibitors, etc.
  • Improved bioavailability
    • of drugs with narrow absorption windows
    • of poorly soluble basic drugs
  • Improved delivery of drugs into the ileocolonic region

What makes Duocoat® unique?

  • Accelerated release profiles can be designed utilizing standard manufacturing equipment
  • Based on approved excipients (EUDRAGIT®)
  • Applicable on tablets, capsules, pellets
  • Patent protected
  • Clinically proven
Oral drug delivery

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