Oral drug delivery

EUDRATEC® COL - Colonic drug delivery

Improve efficacy by drug targeting.

  • EUDRATEC® COL is an oral drug delivery technology for multiple-unit dosage forms 

  • Designed for colon targeting

  • pH-triggered, sustained-release profiles are achieved by first coating the API core with a sustained-release EUDRAGIT® polymer followed by a second pH-dependent soluble coating, e.g. EUDRAGIT® FS 30 D  

What is the application?
  • Reduction of daily intake

  • Local treatment of colonic diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases or colon cancer

  • Systemic delivery for drugs with absorption in colon

What makes EUDRATEC® COL unique?
  • Advanced release profiles can be designed using conventional technologies and registered polymers

  • Coated pellets can be filled into capsules and compressed into multiparticulate tablets

  • Patent protected

  • Concept was proven in-vivo


Oral drug delivery

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