Eudratec GRS


Unique gastro-retentive system for targeted nutrient delivery.

Your “floating technology” for a prolonged absorption window in the stomach.

  • EUDRATEC® GRS is a technology from Evonik that provides a gastro-retentive system (floating capsule)

  • Release control is achieved by coating the capsule with EUDRAGIT® NM 30 D 

  • The active ingredient is slowly released in the stomach.

What is the application?
  • EUDRATEC® GRS is a technology that can be used for dietary supplements or pharmaceutical actives filled into a capsule

  • It can be used for active ingredients which are water soluble

  • It is specialized for APIs that are absorbed in the stomach or ingredients which are absorbed in the early phase of the GI track (duodenum) or ingredients that are stable in acid (stomach) but not stable at neutral pH (intestine)

What makes EUDRATEC® GRS attractive? 
  • Improves bioavailability of the active ingredient by increasing the gastric residence time

  • The absorption window in the stomach can be prolonged up to 4 hours

  • Formulation is suitable for moisture sensitive APIs

  • Conventional equipment and technologies are used for manufacturing


Eudratec GRS

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