Oral drug delivery


Controlled release for mutiple unit dosage forms.

Improve patient compliance.


  • EUDRATEC® MOD is an oral drug delivery technology for controlled-release, multiple-unit dosage forms
  • Diffusion controlled, time-triggered modulated release
  • Technology is based on controlling the release via salt polymer interactions
  • Coated pellets can be filled into capsules and compressed into multiparticulate tablets

What is the application?

  • Management of diseases in their chronic conditions
  • Precise matching of the dosing schedule within the circadian rhythm (chronotherapy)
  • Pulsatile release is required for bedtime dosing to replace midnight dosing, or to reduce nocturnal or early morning symptoms
  • Examples of indication fields are pain, asthma, Parkinson, incontinence, arthritic or ischaemic heart condition

What makes EUDRATEC® MOD unique? 
  • Advanced release profiles can be designed using conventional technologies and registered polymers
  • Variety of release profiles can be tailored, based on the same formulation principles (pulsed, zero-order, slow-quick, quick-slow release)
  • Specific formulations are patent protected
  • Concept was proven in-vivo
Oral drug delivery

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