Eudratec PEP


Oral drug delivery for peptides and biologics.

Growing medication challenges require innovative dosage forms.

  • Multi-unit dosage form based on a combination of synergistic modules in every single microparticle

  • Modules have different functionalities such as gastrointestinal targeting, absorption promotion, enzymatic protection and mucocompatibility

  • Modules can be combined and synchronised with controlled release to achieve improved pharmacokinetics of a specific API

What is the application?
  • The platform technology enables improved bioavailability for small to mid-sized biologicals (< 50 kDa) and low-permeable drugs (BCS Class III & IV)

  • EUDRATEC® PEP provides an opportunity for attractive IP-protected life-cycle management for your injectable or oral formulations

What makes EUDRATEC® PEP unique? 
  • Microparticles as multi-unit dosage forms provide fast stomach passage, better distribution and contact with the GI mucosa, good intestinal targeting within a narrow pH-range and improved dissolution

  • Conventional equipment and technologies are used for manufacturing

  • Validation in two animal models available

  • Platform is patent protected


Oral drug delivery

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