Accelerate the screening of formulations and processing conditions.

Save time and resources in formulating your poorly soluble APIs.

What is MemFis®? 
  • Melt Extrusion Modeling and Formulation Information System is a proprietary system to help accelerate the screening of formulations and processing conditions at the early stages of solid dispersion development and thus avoid the time-consuming, repetitive experiments traditionally used to identify appropriate solid solution / dispersion formulations.

What is the application?
  • Design of formulations containing poorly soluble APIs

  • Formulations aimed at polymer – API solid dispersions manufactured by spray drying, hot melt extrusion or coprecipitation

What makes MemFis® unique?
  • No material consumption of expensive, early stage API

  • Based on a database of more than 15 years experience

  • Considers physical parameters (e.g. solubility parameters) to predict most suitable polymers, as well as maximum drug concentrations

  • Saves development resources due to empirical start point definitions and exclusion of incompatible polymers and excipients



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