Oral drug delivery

Oral drug delivery technologies

More than 60 years ago, we started with the EUDRAGIT® product range.

Today we are experts in coating technologies, melt extrusion, matrix formulation and the development of multiple-unit dosage forms. We offer development services for commercially viable formulations. This encompasses development and manufacture of clinical trial formulations for small molecules and biologics, including highly potent API.

EUDRATEC® technologies offer you a broad range
of innovative drug delivery technologies:
  • Innovative, unique and flexible oral formulations in combination with our EUDRAGIT® polymers for specific targeting of small-molecules or biologic macromolecules 

  • Customized release profiles, besides improved properties like alcohol resistance or improved oral bioavailability of biologics

  • Formulation processes are designed with standard equipment making them robust, scalable and commercial viable

  • EUDRATEC® technologies are IP-protected: a perfect opportunity for you to gain a competitive edge for your product 


Oral drug delivery

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