For pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Advances in chemistry and biotech, and a better understanding of metabolic processes and cellular interactions are yielding new products and therapies in the pharmaceutical and medical device market places. One example in the pharmaceutical market is the development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients and treatments. Still, the efficacy of a drug remains theoretical until it actually meets the target. The delivery system must be understood as an extension of the API, not just as a facilitator, but as an enabler.

Drug delivery systems and bioresorbable implants

At Evonik, this approach has led to polymeric drug delivery systems and bioresorbable implants that not only set industry standards, but also open new directions for therapy development.

Controlled release and long-acting medication delivery formulations

As API carriers and linchpins in complex treatment protocols, our RESOMER® products offer more possibilities for targeting and timing therapies with greater precision at lower dosages – more efficacy, fewer side-effects. A large number of controlled release as well as long-acting medication delivery formulations developed by and with us are making a difference in millions of patient lives.

We are good at what we do and our partners trust us. 
We can

  • take your API or drug and work with you in developing the right and extended depot formulation

  • manufacture sophisticated injectable products

  • develop innovative materials and enabling technologies for implantable medical devices

  • supply biodegradable polymers

  • develop and supply novel biomaterials


Take advantage of different polymerization systems

Polycondensation reactions offer a different pathway to biodegradable polymers. This type of reaction gives controlled access to low molecular weight polymers and is completely free of any metal catalyst. Two of those metal free polymers are now in stock as standard products. Customization, e.g. composition or molecular weight, is available on demand.

As our partner, you determine the scope of our involvement in your process and once there, you can continue to count on us for reliable supply – around the world and around the corner. We maintain safety inventory levels for all standard products, and when it comes to RESOMER® Select, we deliver customized solutions.


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