The solid choice for omega-3.

Omega-3 is an essential ingredient with studies supporting protection from heart disease, stroke and other conditions including rheumatoid arthritis . AvailOm® has by far the highest-load powder in its class. Enabling smaller, simpler and more satisfying supplements and functional food.

AvailOm® is a unique omega-3 lysine complex, which is easily compressible for tablet applications. It is based on the combination of omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids resulting in a bioavailability of up to 3-5 times higher than traditional omega-3 ethyl ester and also in a superior stability.

Unmatched ingredient properties of AvailOm®:
  • A proprietary solution delivering by far the highest load Omega-3 powder in its class

  • Instantly available free fatty acids for bioavailability 3-5 times more than Ethyl Esters

  • Includes an additional dose of the amino acid Lysine, an essential nutrient

  • Comprising a high load, Omega-3 Lysine complex ideal for compression

  • Ongoing stability studies demonstrate oxidation values that are the best in class

  • Significantly higher bioavailability results even when taken as part of low fat diet

  • Free flowing powder form for easy handling, with various enteric coating options

  • Clear U.S. regulatory position

  • Made in the E.U. for high-quality standards

Formulation opportunities of AvailOm®:
  • Compressible tablet options using standard equipment: 

    • Single entity Omega-3 tablets

    • Multi-ingredient tablet combinations 

    • Multi-vitamin tablets containing Omega-3

  • Filled capsules

  • Sachets and sprinkles

  • Advanced functional foods and beverages

  • Infant formulas

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