Anthocyanins with proven health benefits.

Healthberry® 865 is a scientifically backed natural berry extract derived from wild Scandinavian bilberries and blackcurrants grown in New Zealand. It has a particularly high and stable anthocyanin content, making it suitable for a multitude of functional food and beverage applications.

Anthocyanins are natural water-soluble polyphenols that belong to the class of flavonoids. These antioxidants are potent free radical scavengers, and can be used as chelating agents for metal ions – which are thought to play a role in human diseases and aging. Moreover, anthocyanins are responsible for the red, blue and purple colors of many fruits and vegetables, with red hues indicating higher acidity and dark blue stronger alkalinity.


Healthberry® 865 builds on the beneficial properties of anthocyanins:

  • risk reduction of heart diseases 

  • diabetes prevention

  • strengthening of the cognitive and brain functions

  • support of the nervous system and visual acuity

This exciting product has a strong scientific foundation. It has been successfully tested in more than 10 independent studies at universities and hospitals across the globe. These studies include:

  • cell line

  • animal and human randomized

  • double-blind research

  • placebo-controlled research 

In addition, Healthberry® 865 is produced using a unique, patent-protected production process resulting in a high-quality product you can truly trust all year round.


Healthberry® 865 has a wealth of potential applications in the functional food and beverage sector, such as energy bars, effervescent tablets, gummies or small volume shots. This multi-dimensional offering is a particularly effective solution in addressing cardiovascular health. In addition, Healthberry® 865 targets several aspects of cardiovascular disease (CVD) pathologies: 

  • LDL cholesterol reduction and HDL cholesterol increase

  • anti-inflammatory effects

  • antioxidant effects

  • improvement of vascular function and blood flow

  • improvement of glucose metabolism


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