Sugar free sweetener solution.

Risumalt® is isomalt, a sugar replacer naturally derived form sugar.

Risumalt® is particularly suitable for production of sugar free hard-boiled candies, either stamped or deposited as well as for coating of chewing gums. It provides bulk and texture benefits of sucrose in sugar free products, along with high visual and sensory appeal.

Risumalt® is manufactured with a novel and patented process. Due to the novel process, it has a unique isomer composition, which differs from commercially available isomalt. As shown in simulated candy stress tests at elevated relative humidity (rH) of 80%, moisture uptake is below 3%. This allows development of new sugar free products with an outstanding benefit. Risumalt® combines the advantages in sugar free application technology on the one hand, and offers outstanding performance for confectionary producers on the other hand.
Applications of Risumalt®: 
  • Sugar free confectionary
  • Bakery goods
  • Direct compressible tablets
  • Drops
  • Chewing gums

Benefits of Risumalt®:
  • Sugar free, thus low calories
  • Non-cariogenic
  • High visual and sensory appeal
  • Excellent shelf life properties
Risumalt Broschüre

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