Immediate release

Film Coating for Immediate release

Does your active need protection from moisture? Is low patient compliance weighing down treatment effectiveness?

EUDRAGIT® E polymers encapsulate sensitive actives, masking drug taste and odor and thus neutralizing the patient’s reticence to take the medicine. They further enhance patient compliance by ensuring a smooth and glossy surface that facilitates swallowing.
Proven EUDRAGIT® functionalities, ready-to-use
More important, besides saving time and costs, is that with EUDRAGIT® E PO ReadyMix (developed in cooperation with
BIOGRUND GmbH), you are in complete control of the process. Customized to your product, pigment and process re-
quirements. EUDRAGIT® E PO ReadyMix comes with everything you need for a colored coating that delivers on your

EUDRAGIT® E PO is the functional polymer that determines the properties of ReadyMix coatings. In addition to masking
taste without delaying drug release, the coating is insoluble in the mouth, but readily soluble in the stomach. EUDRAGIT®
E PO also combines smooth texture and appearance with a pleasant mouth feel and improved swallowability.

Take advantage of protective EUDRAGIT® coatings:
  • Safe taste masking through insolubility in saliva
  • Effective taste and odor masking in thin layers
  • Moisture protection adjustable to API specifics
  • Cost-effective application
  • Improved gastrointestinal transit
  • Smooth and glossy surfaces
  • Available as customized ready-to-use powder blend
Dissolution property
E 100

Soluble in gastric juice up to pH 5.0

Swellable and permeable above pH 5.0
E 12,5
Organic solution
E PO ReadyMix
Custom-made powder blend, ready-to-use
Immediate release

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Eudragit E PO ReadyMix

Download your EUDRAGIT® E PO ReadyMix brochure

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