Solubility Enhancement

Solubility enhancement

EUDRAGIT® polymers for solubility enhancement.

A clever solution to bioavailability issues comprises the right combination of functional excipients, process technology and formulation know-how. Evonik brings these assets together and focuses them on optimizing your formulation.

The unique properties of EUDRAGIT® polymers predestine them for solubility enhancement applications:

  • Amorphous carrier with good thermoplastic properties and high thermostability

  • Optimal glass transition temperature (Tg) of the formulated system

  • Soluble in common solvents

  • High miscibility with APIs and excipients

  • Soluble at gastric or intestinal conditions

  • Ability to form hydrogen bonds and/or ionic interactions

  • Optimal molecular weight (Mw), melt and solution/gel viscosity

  • Excellent powder flow and mechanical properties

  • Excellent moisture protection

  • Synthetic polymers with excellent batch-to-batch consistency

  • Low toxicity (comprehensive toxicology packages available)


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