RESOMER® portfolio of excipients for parenteral controlled release

A broad, versatile range of standard, custom and specialized parenteral excipients

The RESOMER® portfolio represents the industry’s leading selection of functional excipients for parenteral controlled release. As one of the global leaders at the market for custom and specialized parenteral excipients, we provide our customers with an innovative and highly versatile portfolio which can support local and systemic delivery requirements of a variety of complex parenteral formulations including microparticles, in-situ depots, nanoparticles and drug loaded implants. All of our RESOMER® parenteral excipients leverage a history of safety and biocompatibility that spans more than 30 years, with an assurance of quality and supply security at any R&D, clinical or commercial scale via our modern cGMP manufacturing sites in Germany and the USA. 

Biodegradable polymers for medical applications

RESOMER® is the world’s leading portfolio of many standard, custom and specialized biodegradable polymers.

More than 25 polymeric parenteral excipients are available in our standard catalog

The RESOMER® standard catalog of parenteral excipients includes a broad range of high and low molecular weight polymers that are ready for shipment across the world. More than 25 Poly (lactide) and Poly (lactide-co-glycolide) polymers with a variety of high and low molecular weights and monomer compositions can be selected to help tune degradation times over durations of up to 18 months. Acid and ester end group chemistries are available. All RESOMER® parenteral excipients are supported under existing master files, can be terminal sterilized, and have a shelf life beyond five years. Additional standard catalog polymer options include RESOMER® Condensates, Poly (D,L-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) for short degradation times of less than one month and RESOMER® Zero products with ultra-low tin content.

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A best-in-class range of customized pharmaceutical solutions to address your unique parenteral excipient requirements

Our range of customized solutions allows any RESOMER® parenteral excipient to be tailored to match your exact formulation, product specification requirements and formulation process needs. RESOMER® Select is the world’s leading brand of custom parenteral excipients. A range of characteristics can be tailored including monomers, polymer composition and microstructure, particle size distribution, end groups, molecular weight and inherent viscosity (IV). RESOMER® Precise enables extremely tight product specifications including the control of inherent viscosity to within narrow range of ≤ ± 0.02 dl/g, which equates to between four and 10 times more precise than equivalent parenteral excipients.

Our specialized parenteral excipients include ultra-low tin content, sterile PLGs and PEG copolymers

RESOMER® Sterile is the first and only known sterile Poly (lactide-co-glycolide) (PLG) excipient for parenteral controlled release. Requiring no further sterilization, it creates options to streamline process steps for the aseptic manufacturing of parenteral drug products. A proprietary purification process behind RESOMER® Zero provides polymeric parenteral excipients with residual tin content of less than 1 ppm. RESOMER® PEG is a line of bioresorbable di-block copolymers comprising Polylactide or Poly (lactide-co-glycolide) blocks and mPEG blocks designed to enhance drug solubility, improve surface conjugation, support the formation of polymeric micelles, and increase drug product circulation times in the blood stream.