Chlorhexidine for antiseptics and disinfectants

Chlorhexidine (CHD) is listed as an essential medicine by the World Health Organization (WHO), and is respected throughout the global healthcare industry

Its high effectiveness and outstanding overall compatibility makes it suitable for use in both human and animal antiseptics. The most soluble CHD salt is CHD digluconate, and this property makes it an excellent choice for pharmaceutical formulation.

In short, CHD formulations are used for:

  • surgical scrubs
  • treatment of wounds
  • disinfectant for surfaces and textiles

Evonik’s chlorhexidine offering, SOVIDINE™, is the gold standard for antiseptics and disinfectants in the pharmaceutical industry.

What makes Evonik's SOVIDINE™ so unique?

SOVIDINE™ and its salts are effective against a broad variety of bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi. Moreover, a number of studies have proven that CHD products such as SOVIDINE™ act against antimicrobial-resistant bacteria – including wild types, mutant forms that typically occur in hospital environments, and superbugs such as MRSA that are resistant to traditional antibiotics.

Unique is as well our regulatory service which is best in class. We can support you in the regulatory fields of:

  • an Active Pharma Ingredient
  • Biocide Product Directive
  • and REACH.

SOVIDINE™ is as well registered under the Biocide Product Directive. We are listed in accordance to Article 95(2) since 2013 and allowed supplier for Chlorhexidine by ECHA.

Specific applications of SOVIDINE™

Evonik´s SOVIDINE™ addresses the needs several principal applications – with each making full use of the antiseptic properties of CHD:

  • vascular access applications: e.g. central venous catheters (CVCs) and peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs)
  • surgical lubricant: e.g. PICCs can be impregnated with SOVIDINE™
  • diluted CHD solutions to disinfect (clean out) wounds
  • CHD digluconate for the disinfection of wound dressings (impregnated dressings) and for use in preoperative scrubs

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