Biodegradable material solutions to enhance the safety, biocompatibility and performance of medical implants

A broad, versatile portfolio of biodegradable materials for medical implants and other medical devices

As a global development partner and enabling solutions provider for biomaterials, Evonik is committed to providing medical device companies with the industry’s most broad and versatile portfolio of biodegradable materials and application services for medical implants. For more than 30 years, our RESOMER® portfolio of biodegradable materials has led the market for use with medical implant devices. This market leading brand of RESOMER® catalog, custom and specialized polymers are 100 % biodegradable, completely metabolized by the body, and available for supply from trusted manufacturing sites in the U.S. and Germany. In addition to RESOMER® biomaterials, we can also support the contact manufacturing of your own proprietary biodegradable materials, and the customization and supply of advanced materials including our new fermentation-based, animal-origin free recombinant collagen for use with medical implants and other applications.

RESOMER® is the world’s leading brand of biodegradable materials for medical implants

Our RESOMER® range of biodegradable materials are designed to enhance the safety, biocompatibility and functional performance of medical implants across a range of application areas including orthopedics, wound healing and cardiovascular care. More than 20 lactide, glycolide, trimethylene carbonate, p-dioxanone and ε-caprolactone-based polymer compositions are available as RESOMER® catalog compositions. Other specialized RESOMER® solutions include RESOMER® PLA-PEG copolymers where both mechanical strength and rapid degradation is required, RESOMER® Composites with distinct osteoconductive properties to enhance bone fixation devices, and a range of biodegradable materials suitable for use with textile-based medical implants. We have recently further expanded our RESOMER® portfolio and are proud to release filament, powder and granulate-based biodegradable materials that can enable the 3D printing of high-resolution device parts used with medical implants.

Customized biodegradable polymer solutions for medical implant devices

For more than a decade, RESOMER® Select has the world’s leading platform of custom-made biodegradable polymers to address the specific application requirements of your medical implant devices. RESOMER® Select solutions are available for the custom synthesis of all abovementioned RESOMER® products. A range of customization options are available including polymer architecture and microstructure, monomer selection and composition, molecular weight and end groupings.

Consider our custom synthesis services to manufacture your own proprietary biodegradable materials

In addition to the supply of our own RESOMER® portfolio of biodegradable materials, Evonik can also support you in the custom synthesis of your own proprietary polymers. Leverage our decades of expertise across a range of biodegradable polymers, as well as other ingredients including PEGs, to ensure your products are outsourced to a partner that can minimize quality, regulatory and scale-up risk. In addition to the manufacturing of your biodegradable materials for medical implants at feasibility, clinical or commercial scale, we can support you across a range of other areas including process development, scale-up and analytical method development. These services can be provided from either of our ISO 9001 and 13475 certified GMP manufacturing sites in Germany and the U.S.

An advanced recombinant collagen platform for use with medical implant devices and other healthcare products

We have recently developed an advanced platform for recombinant collagen that is fermentation-based processed and free of animal- or human-derived materials. The platform will, for the first time, provide medical, pharmaceutical, cell culture and tissue engineering markets with a highly soluble and highly pure form of collagen that is safe, sustainable and commercially scalable. It features a triple helix structure and other tunable properties that are designed to mimic many of the attributes of natural collagen so it can reliably interact with cells and tissues and be readily absorbed or remodeled by the body. It is also designed for supply in a range of forms or shapes, and to be compatible with a range of processing and cross-linking technologies.

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