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Learn How to Lower The Surface Friction of Medical Devices Using Biocompatible Surface Modifying Additives

Medical Device Qualified Supplier Directory
October 2020

How to Choose the Right Bioresorbable Polymer and Technology for Your 3D-Printed Implant

September 2020

Custom Implants from the 3D Printer

Kunstoffe International
March 2020


The 3-D printing industry tries to make body parts
Chemical & Engineering News | November 2019

A winning combination: How Evonik's copoylmers combine mechanical strength with rapid degradation
Medical Plastics News | November 2019

Why Evonik believe they are ready to support personalised, bioresorbable implant device applications
Medical Plastics News | June 2019

The R&D Multiplier
Business Alabama | February 2018

Disappearing world: How bioresorbable materials help improve patient outcomes
Medical Plastics News | December 2017

Soak it up: Examining bioabsorbable polymers in healthcare
Medical Plastics News | May 2017