Reliable dietary supplements are in high demand, as the global population ages, the modern lifestyle brings about chronic civilization diseases and people become more concerned about nutrition. Consumers have an increasing interest in well-being and disease prevention. Synbiotics are a combination of probiotics – healthy gut bacteria – that are blended with prebiotics or other health ingredients. Evonik has established a new category of innovative and effective bio-inspired probiotic solutions to re-enable the body’s own self-protecting competences for inner health. Existing probiotic supplements often suffer from instabilities and delivery challenges with limited efficacy.

Your partner for holistic health concepts

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ is our new brand for innovative synbiotic solutions. It combines our sound scientific understanding of human health and our profound knowledge of the market for food ingredients and dietary supplements, with the expertise of our R&D network. We merge exclusive and expedient combinations that are based on our proprietary and robust microorganisms with further synergetic bioactive ingredients.

Consumers benefit from an easier approach to disease prevention and well-being through synergetic and enhanced health for their bodies and minds. By serving as a partner along the value chain – from consumer insights to ready-to-use product concepts – we meet current and anticipated needs of the market.


IN VIVO BIOTICS™ is our ready-to-use advanced synbiotic system solution with proven health benefits. Our solution builds on our vast biotech and formulation expertise, supported by valuable consumer insights. To offer such outstanding solutions, our diverse team of scientists searches for microbial strains and synergistic combinations, which initiate targeted in vivo production of metabolites, microbiome modulation or the local clearance of unwanted biomolecules. Once identified, we analyze the effectiveness of those combinations in clinical studies and perform microbiological analyses to pinpoint the mode of action.

The Evonik infrastructure and expertise guarantees reliable delivery, excellent quality standards and scalable production.

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ solutions are scientifically proven as effective and meet the current as well as future needs of the market:

  • New and innovative application fields for prevention and well-being: re-enabling the body’s capacity for health through its microbiome
  • Evidence-based: scientifically proven health benefits, in vitro and in vivo evidence, as well as confirmation in human clinical trials
  • Guaranteed activity: by pinpointed delivery, e.g., colon delivery via EUDRAGUARD® biotic coating
  • Addressing customer needs supported by consumer insights: translation of scientific benefits to consumers and key opinion leaders
  • Patent pending advanced synbiotics: selected from our well-characterized proprietary strain library
  • Ready-to-pack bulk capsules


Alongside products, we offer consumer and market insights which helps you to enter the market faster. This package consists of four key strands:

  • Consumer translation to help you transferring the technology into your target group
  • Product positioning, by using the right health claims for targeted communication
  • Consumer Awareness, shows the important ingredients within the field of application
  • Digital demonstrator, suggested packaging design by analyzed market insights


We are committed to the preventive healthcare and supplement market. By harnessing the inherent potential of the human microbiome to maintain health, we support customer demands for superior synbiotic solutions. Our new synbiotic products open up new pathways and inspire holistic solutions for health care professionals and consumers.



IN VIVO BIOTICS™ butyrate is our first bulk synbiotic solution. This combination of the probiotic Bacillus subtilis and the dipeptide L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine stimulates in vivo butyrate production by shifting the microbiome towards butyrate-producing species.

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) and a microbial metabolite. It has multiple benefits for gut health, mental performance, immune and metabolic health, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ butyrate stimulates in vivo butyrate production. Butyrate is known for providing the following health benefits: 


SCFAs, such as butyrate, play an important role for neuronal processes by regulating stress-responses and maintaining a healthy brain physiology. In the gut, SCFAs induce the secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters, such as GABA and serotonin, which have a positive impact on mood and sleep. SCFAs strengthen the blood-brain-barrier, stimulate the formation of neurons (neurogenesis), and help to maintain the normal function of neurons (neuronal homeostasis).


The gut is in constant exchange with the environment. More than 70 percent of immune cells are located in the gut interacting with the microbiome making it the first line of defense. SCFAs, like butyrate, strengthen the gut barrier by influencing the intestinal mucosa and barrier integrity. Serving as important “fuel” for gut cells, butyrate helps them keep their function for immune system support. Also, the activation of immune cells (regulatory T-cells) is regulated by SCFA. 


A healthy gut is the basis for systemic metabolic health. Butyrate is known for its diverse positive effects in the body, for example, in blood glucose and cholesterol management. Butyrate has an influence on insulin secretion of the pancreas which leads to an improved insulin sensitivity. Additionally, butyrate is linked to improved cholesterol levels.

We tested our synbiotic product in different gut models in vitro. The results show a shift in the gut microbiome towards butyrate producing species, as well as an increase in butyrate levels. These findings have been confirmed in vivo (human study), showing a significant increase in butyrate production in the gut upon intake of our synbiotic product. Our unique pH-dependent coating with EUDRAGUARD® biotic guarantees that the effect takes place in the lower gut via pinpointed delivery of the synbiotic combination to the colon preventing premature absorption of L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine in the upper gastro-intestinal tract.

Our synbiotic product comes in ready-to-pack bulk capsules. These can be taken in small, odorless servings with flexible intake (with or independent of meals), increasing consumer compliance.

Based on our synbiotic technology and consumer insights we develop products fitting to different positionings by adding ingredients relevant to consumer perception and communication to the basic formulation of Bacillus subtilis and L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine.

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ butyrate basic

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ butyrate protect

for the application field immune health

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ butyrate force 

 for the application field mental performance

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ butyrate metabolic

 for the application field metabolic health

Inflammation is our body’s key defense to environmental challenges. Yet, resolution of inflammation to a healthy balance is just as important when these challenges are overcome, since chronic inflammation might do more harm than good.

Omega-3 fatty acids are well known for their inflammation-mediating effect and naturally occur in foods like fatty fish, seafood, algae and numerous plant oils and nuts. An important role of this inflammation-mediation is assigned to the so called “resolvins” (lipid mediators). Resolvins are a metabolic conversion-product of Omega-3-fatty acids. This conversion of Omega-3- fatty acids into resolvins is a key limiting factor in conventional Omega-3 supplementation. Conversion of Omega-3-fatty acids into resolvins can in principle already occur in the gut through the activity of our gut flora. As, the gut flora is highly individual this conversion can largely vary between individuals.

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ resolvin is a combination of the Omega-3 source AvailOm® and Bacillus megaterium DSM32963. It's able to promote the conversion of omega-3 fatty acids into resolvins and as such reliably and consistently promote the production of resolvins already in the gut.

Bacillus megaterium DSM32963 is a unique strain which was discovered by screening our comprehensive strain library for the ability to convert omega-3 fatty acids into resolvins. Bacillus megaterium, is food-grade and occurs naturally in the intestine. The ability of IN VIVO BIOTICS™ resolvin to increase levels of resolvins was clinically confirmed.

Through our unique pH-dependent coating with EUDRAGUARD® biotic we deliver this product to the lower gastrointestinal tract and by this unfold the full potential of synbiotic combination by optimizing the time it takes for Bacillus megaterium DSM32963 for the conversion of AvailOm®.


Inflammation balancing is an important aspect in the maintenance of health, mobility and a good quality of life. These aspects are addressed by this synbiotic product foundation.

Inflammation also plays a major role in skin health, e.g. skin redness or skin aging. The term “Inflammaging” was coined to express the connection between continuous, low-grade inflammation and declining skin structure and function during aging.

By combining Bacillus megaterium DSM32963 and AvailOm® with ingredients, that are well-known for their beauty effects, we created IN VIVO BIOTICS™ resolvin myperfect specifically targeted at the beauty from within product category. 

Our synbiotic product comes in ready-to-pack bulk capsules. These can be taken in small, odorless servings with flexible intake (with or independent of meals), increasing consumer compliance.

Based on our synbiotic technology and consumer insights we develop products fitting to different positioning by adding ingredients relevant to consumer perception and communication to the basic formulation of Bacillus megaterium and Omega-3 source AvailOm®. 

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ resolvin basic 

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ resolvin myperfect 

for the appliciation field of beauty from within

IN VIVO BIOTICS™ gluten tolerance is a capsule supplement with a unique combination of bacterial strains precisely selected for persistent and entire degradation of gluten in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Gluten intolerance is an increasingly prevalent digestive disorder. Depending on the region and severity, between 0.5 and 13 percent of the population are affected. The condition comes along with unpleasant and partly severe symptoms and the need to follow a gluten-free diet, which is difficult.

Gluten comprises a mixture of proteins found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye, with a high content of difficult-to-digest proline- and glutamine-rich peptides. The human body can do this only partially, and therefore depends on the presence of beneficial gut bacteria.

Current remedies come in the form of digestion aids, mostly the supplementation of enzymes, and have only limited effect. Furthermore, the insufficient digestion of gluten itself may even worsen the problems due to immunogenic effects of incomplete digests. 


There are certain people who are diagnosed with gluten-related disorders like non-celiac gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, or wheat allergy with a high level of suffering.

It is difficult to avoid being exposed to gluten completely, as even foods or products declared as “gluten free” pose the risk of unintentional gluten intake due to contamination or containing trace amounts of gluten.


A broad group of people are affected by digestive conditions e.g., irritable bowel disease, that may be related to gluten. A gluten free diet for those people poses the risk of malnutrition and pursuing it consistently can be very limiting in social interactions.


A growing number of health-conscious people actively avoid eating gluten-containing food as these are perceived to have potentially adverse health effects. Our product provides to such target group a means to limit their exposure to gluten intrinsically, while at the same time enjoying the benefits a diverse diet, including gluten-containing foods, has to offer.

By screening a wide variety of robust bacterial strains, we have identified a combination of synergistic microorganisms that produce the entire spectrum of enzymes necessary for complete gluten breakdown. Furthermore, this consortium safely digests common gluten-containing foods and eliminates the immunogenic activity of only partially digested gluten, as seen in comparison to commonly used benchmarks in vitro. Additionally, this combination has a strikingly positive effect on the gut barrier as shown in model systems. A corresponding supplement is currently tested in human clinical studies.

Our solution comes in the form of ready-to-pack bulk capsules for further positioning and branding.

Does your company want to bring dietary supplements to the next level? Are you interested in finding out more about our solutions? Get in touch with us with your ideas for innovative probiotic and synbiotic products. 

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