For pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Advances in chemistry and biotechnology, and a better understanding of metabolic processes and cellular interactions are yielding new products and therapies in the pharmaceutical and medical device market places.


As API carriers and linchpins in complex treatment protocols, our RESOMER® products offer more possibilities for targeting and timing therapies with greater precision at lower dosages – more efficacy, fewer side-effects. A large number of controlled release as well as long-acting medication delivery formulations developed by and with us are making a difference in millions of patient lives.


Bioresorbable medical devices are increasingly being utilized to reduce surgical procedures and improve patient healing. Our RESOMER® products feature mechanical properties to match the target application and degradation rate profiles that can be precisely tailored to your requirements. They are also easy to process into the final product, easy to sterilize and have a long shelf life.

As our partner, you determine the scope of our involvement in your process and once there, you can continue to count on us for reliable supply – around the world and around the corner. We maintain safety inventory levels for all standard products, and when it comes to RESOMER® Select, we deliver customized solutions.

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- Bioresorbable polymers enhancing pharmaceutical and medical device performance

- Bioresorbable polymers with osteoconductive properties for use with bone fixation devices

- Custom polymer development in the areas of smart biomaterials and drug delivery systems

- Sterile controlled release poly (lactic-co-glycolic) (PLGA) excipient 

- Controlled release polymers with residual tin content less than 1 ppm