Health ingredients

Evonik Health Care specializes in the development and formulation of health ingredients.

The food and nutrition industry must address tomorrow´s challenges already today. For example, it is estimated that the global population will exceed nine billion by 2050. This doesn’t just mean more mouths to feed – it will also place new demands on the quality of nutrition worldwide.

Modern society faces a number of pressing health-related issues, such as rising obesity and heart disease and a greater prevalence of age- and lifestyle-related health conditions like diabetes. Also, the number the elderly wanting to lead a healthy and active lives is growing which drives the demand for consumer products maintaining for example cognitive health.

Evonik’s range of health ingredients provides answers to these challenges and more. We develop naturally occurring compounds with proven health benefits – providing the perfect foundation for high-quality nutritional supplements and functional foods - that contribute to enhanced public health across the globe.

Evonik measures up to the toughest quality standards - and more:

  • sites have ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 22000 (food safety) certifications
  • all sites are FDA inspected
  • implementation of quality system such as HACCP
  • all products are non-GMO

The advantage of combining health ingredients with the right formulation system

Watch the below video with Thomas Hermann, Head of Product Line Pharma & Food Ingredients, who discusses the advantages of combining health ingredients with the right formulation system to increase product efficacy and improve consumer satisfaction, and find out how we can become Your Competitive Advantage to address the nutrition challenges of tomorrow.

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- High load Omega-3 Lysine complex easily compressible for tablet applications

- Natural berry extract with high and stable anthocyanin content

- Food supplement with anthocyanins from bilberries and black currants

-  Range of highly purified amino acids suitable for all nutritional applications