Custom solutions

At Evonik Health Care we do more than just sell products. We offer tailor-made solutions and technologies to help our customers along the entire value chain, or at any point along the way. That means we can support from the start with development, formulation, regulatory compliance, clinical trials, medical device design, manufacturing processes and much more.

Contract Manufacturing Organization
Custom manufacturing technologies

- Continuous processing
- Highly potent API
- Microbial fermentation
- Advanced technologies
- Production sites
- Bismaleimides

Formulation Development
Formulation development for pharmaceuticals

- Oral drug delivery formulation development
- Parenteral drug delivery formulation development

Oral Drug Delivery Systems
Oral drug delivery technologies

- EUDRATEC® ADD resistant to 
alcohol-induced dose dumping
- EUDRATEC® PEP for peptides and biologics
- EUDRATEC® COL for colon targeting
- EUDRATEC® GRS for a prolonged absorption window in the stomach
- EUDRATEC® MOD for management of diseases in their chronic conditions
- DuoCoat® for rapid or accelerated release in the upper small intestine or ileocolonic region
- MemFis® for formulations containing poorly soluble APIs

Parenteral drug delivery
Parenteral drug delivery technologies

- Liposome based technologies
- Polymer based technologies

Drug Product manufacturing
Drug product manufacturing

- Formulation of your active substances
- Manufacturing of complex parenteral dosage forms

Resomer Extruder
Medical device application laboratories

- Advanced solutions to enhance the safety and performance of bioresorbable implant applications

Medical Device Application Services Anti-Thrombogenic Additive Technology
Anti-thrombogenic additive technology

- Enhance the biocompatibility of medical devices that come in contact with blood, tissue, or other biological fluids

Nutraceutical formulation and services
Nutraceutical formulation services

- Formulation development & scale-up support to improve the properties of your product through targeted ingredient delivery


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