Custom manufacturing technologies

Custom manufacturing

Evonik ranks as one of the world’s leading contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) for custom production of API, HPAPI and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry.

We have a truly unique technology and chemistry portfolio, combined with decades of experience in this field. We operate production sites across the globe in accordance with strict internal and external quality standards. As a result, wherever you are and whatever your requirements, you can be sure of high-quality products and first-class support at every stage of your project.

Our core CMO activities primarily encompass APIs/HPAPI, chemistry and biotechnology. We are also focusing on advanced technology applications, such as fermentation and strain development, and highly pure mPEGs and PEGylations.

Pharmaceutical CMO projects & the need for great variety of competencies

Watch the below video with Andreas Meudt, Head of Product Line Exclusive Synthesis, who discusses the increasing complexity of pharmaceutical CMO projects and the resulting need for great variety of competencies, as well as the necessity to meet tight regulatory requirements to discover how we can become Your Competitive Advantage.

Exclusive Synthesis
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Containment and HPAPI
Containment & HPAPI

- World's largest HPAPI process development and production

Custom synthesis
Technology & chemistry portfolio

- Cryogenic capacity and organometallic expertise

Custom synthesis
Chiral chemistry & biotechnologies

- Full service offering for enzymes, fermentation and strain development

Advanced technologies
Advanced technologies

- World leader in custom manufacturing technologies

Production sites

- Key facts on our leading production capacities around the globe


- Bismaleimide resins for high-performance composites, adhesives and moldings


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