Formulation Development

Formulation development for pharmaceuticals

Evonik is a leader in drug delivery and is internationally recognized for its contributions to this field since the pioneering days of controlled release in the 1970s.

Central to our activities is the development of modified-release parenteral and oral products that systemically or locally deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Our core competencies perfectly match today's most important development targets in formulation development.

Oral drug delivery formulation development

With our more than 60 years experience we are exploring more effective routes of administration and are ultimately finding the formulation that turns a breakthrough treatment into a viable drug product.

Whether it's part of a full service project 'from drug substance to drug product' or you just want to link up with us for that specific leg of your timeline, formulating with Evonik makes sense.

We develop the full range of oral solid dosage forms, including monolithics and multiparticulates. Although our focus is on controlled drug release by film coating and matrix applications, we also cover the core development. Leveraging the functionalities of the EUDRAGIT® polymers and smart formulation techniques, we are able to tailor nearly every desired release profile to provide advanced drug delivery systems.


We are offering an international workshop program for oral drug delivery.

Find further information on our seminars and join us!

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