Eudratec ADD

EUDRATEC® ADD - Alcohol resistant formulation

Provide safe dosage forms to your patients.

The Evonik EUDRATEC® ADD technology provides robust modified release coatings that are resistant to alcohol-induced dose dumping.

What is EUDRATEC® Add?
  • EUDRATEC® ADD toolbox is comprised of different formulation concepts to prevent alcohol-induced dose dumping 

  • Intelligent combinations and formulation of different standard excipients achieve alcohol resistance

  • EUDRATEC® ADD was specifically developed to deliver drugs in a safe manner 

What is the application?
  • Alcohol-Induced Dose Dumping (ADD) is the unintended rapid release of a drug in the presence of alcohol and is an important safety issue as this could lead to life-threatening consequences (e.g. with opioids)

  • Alcohol-resistant formulations are especially necessary for drugs like opioids, but also for other modified release formulations

What makes EUDRATEC® ADD unique?
  • EUDRATEC® ADD covers all types of modified release profiles (enteric, sustained release…)

  • Conventional equipment and registered excipients are used

  • Coating formulation suitable for pellets or tablets

  • Patent protected


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Eudratec ADD

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