Parenteral drug delivery

Parenteral drug delivery

Evonik is an integrated partner for the development and manufacturing of specialized parenteral dosage forms including polymer based microparticles and lipid nanoparticles.

Evonik is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for injectable controlled release drugs based on polymeric microparticles and lipid nanoparticles. We provide the strength, expertise and flexibility to transform your APIs into high-performance parenteral medicines. 

In addition to specialized CDMO services in formulation design, process development, scale up and manufacturing for advanced dosage forms, we possess strong backward integration in the design and production of bioresorbable polymers for parenteral controlled release. This integrated portfolio of products, delivery technologies and services can help you to reduce project complexity, boost drug efficacy, improve patient compliance and strengthen global supply security. 

Our parenteral drug delivery capabilities are concentrated at two centers of excellence:

Evonik Birmingham Laboratories (BHM)

BHM specializes in the design and production of our RESOMER┬« portfolio of bioresorbable polymers, and the contract development and manufacturing of polymer-based parenteral formulations. With a broad range of established delivery technologies and extensive formulation and process development expertise, the site provides development and process solutions for microparticles and other parenteral dosage forms. In addition to GMP clinical manufacturing for controlled release parenterals, the site has an automated commercial filling line that can support the liquid, lyophilized or powder filling of drugs in vial sizes of up to 50mL. 

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Evonik Vancouver Laboratories (VAN)

VAN, previously known as Transferra Nanosciences, Inc and Northern Lipids, Inc. is a leading technology, product and service provider for advanced lipid-based nanoparticle drug formulations. With significant expertise in siRNA, mRNA, peptides and high potency APIs, the site provides a broad range of CDMO services ranging from optimization, formulation and process development studies to GMP clinical manufacturing. VAN also provides a range of LIPEX® extruders ranging from benchtop to purpose built commercial production scale.

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Lipid nanoparticle-based parenteral drug delivery
Liposome-based technologies

- Leader in lipid nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems

Polymer-based technologies

- Targeted, controlled-release drug delivery, enabling increased precision and efficacy


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