Polymer based technologies

Our polymer based formulation technologies open up new possibilities for targeted, controlled-release drug delivery, enabling increased precision and efficacy, lower dosages and fewer side effects. 

Specifically, they allow smaller-gauge needles for greater patient comfort. Additionally, they can be used for all classes of drugs – including biopharmaceuticals (peptides, proteins, DNA, RNA) and high potency API (HPAPI) – and release these payloads for days, weeks or months after a single parenteral administration.

Injectable microparticles comprise a payload (such as an API) encapsulated in spherical matrices of bioresorbable polymer. They typically have a diameter of 100 microns or less. Our microparticles are manufactured via a proprietary FormEZE™ process, and can be injected with a 27-G needle or smaller. Furthermore, up to five times more microencapsulated drug can be administered compared to conventional products.

Insertable implants, such as cylindrical rods, consist of an API embedded in a polymer matrix. The latter may comprise a bioresorbable material – such as Evonik RESOMER® or RESOMER® Select polymers. Implants can take a variety of forms, including films, ribbons, fibers and meshes. They can also have a rate-controlling membrane on their outer surface; these are made using coaxial extrusion or coating technologies.

We are the perfect partner for polymer based microparticle and implant development and manufacture. We work to cGMP standards, from clinical trial phase I to commercial manufacturing. We can deliver batch sizes ranging from just a few grams to several kilograms, and are experienced in the handling of high-potency drug substances. Moreover, we offer expertise in aseptic manufacturing and terminal sterilization, plus an extensive range of post-extrusion processing capabilities. These include polymer coating, partial coating, end coating, surface treatment and polymer annealing.

Watch the below video to get an insight into our site in Birmingham, AL, USA, which is a great source of expertise when it comes to developing advanced formulations such as polymer-based microparticles. With our experience, our diversified technology portfolio and our large multipurpose manufacturing facility, we provide drug delivery services for most therapeutic areas and most classes of drug substances. From product development to commercial manufacturing, we are a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. 


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