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A New Innovation Hub for Regenerative Medicine 

Establishing new areas of expertise.

Evonik is accelerating its focus on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine with the launch of a new Project House in Singapore.

More than 20 Evonik scientists from various disciplines will specialize in the development innovative biomaterial solutions that can be used to create a new generation of biological implants in medical applications. The Tissue Engineering Project House will also work closely with the Medical Device Competence Center established by Evonik in Birmingham, Alabama to develop biodegradable polymers suitable for use as scaffold materials for tissue replacement.

Evonik’s ultimate goal is to grow tissue outside of the organism and then implant it as a way of creating or regenerating bones, cartilage, tendons, or even arteries. Alexander König, the head of the new project house, said: “We aim to conduct research into reliable, scalable, effective tissue engineering solutions for regenerative medicine.”

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