Bioresorbable composites

Bioresorbable composites 

Optimize the performance of your bone fixation devices.

Evonik’s Balaji Prabu, Head of the Medical Device Competence Center (MDCC), presented a poster on bioresorbable composites at the Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia in April. With particle distribution having a significant impact on the mechanical properties of composites, it is critical that optimal process conditions for compounding are identified such as temperature, shear and moisture.
Using an electron microscope, Balaji examined the calcium phosphate (CAP) materials used with bioresorbable composites before and after process optimization. 

The poster identified that process optimization with proper processing steps leads to a more uniform distribution of the additive for a more homogeneous blend. The process expertise of Evonik’s MDCC can help medical device companies optimize the performance of their bone fixation devices.

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