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New Line of RESOMER® Composites to Optimize Bone Fixation Devices 

Bioresorbable polymers developed for use in the production of bone fixation devices.

Medical device companies have long struggled to create bioresorbable bone fixation devices that can not precisely degrade at a defined rate, but leverage bone-like mechanical properties that match the natural bone.

Evonik announced an innovative solution to this significant industry challenge this month with the launch of its new line of RESOMER® Composites. By combining the osteoconductive properties of calcium phosphate-based additives with the efficacy, safety, biocompatibility and supply security of RESOMER®, Evonik customers now have a significant new opportunity to enhance the performance of bioresorbable devices such as interference screws, suture anchors and fracture plates.

With each RESOMER® Composite product grade features precise degradation rate profiles and mechanical properties such as elastic modulus that can be tailored to match the natural bone, Evonik looks forward to helping customers accelerate patient healing, minimize stress shielding and reduce inflammation.

The first Poly(L-lactide) grade with calcium phosphates additives to be launched is L 210 S with 25% Hydroxyapatite (HA). Additional standard grades with beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and Bicalcium phosphate (BCP) are also coming soon.

Key visual RESOMER Composite

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