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RESOMER® X: Your X Factor for Rapid Absorption

Closure with no secondary surgery

RESOMER® X 206 S has been developed by Evonik to address a major unmet market need for implantable wound healing and cardiovascular devices that must be rapidly absorbed inside the body.

As a semi-crystalline homopolymer of p-dioxanone with an inherent viscosity range of 1.5–2.2 dL/g, RESOMER® X 206 S can be completely absorbed within a specified duration of between six and 12 months. It can also be designed to retain its mechanical strength for one to months, making it attractive for use with high-quality ligating clips, surgical sutures and stables, bone fixation pins and vascular closure devices.

Supplied in a white to off-white granular form that is smooth on contact, RESOMER® X has excellent biocompatibility properties and is easy to process.

Surgical clip

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