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Kunststoffe International - Implants 3D printer (03/2020)

Custom Implants from the 3D Printer

Kunstoffe International
March 2020

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  • The 3-D printing industry tries to make body parts
    Chemical & Engineering News | November 2019

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  • A winning combination: How Evonik's copoylmers combine mechanical strength with rapid degradation
    Medical Plastics News | November 2019

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  • Why Evonik believe they are ready to support personalised, bioresorbable implant device applications
    Medical Plastics News | June 2019

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  • The R&D Multiplier
    Business Alabama | February 2018

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  • Disappearing world: How bioresorbable materials help improve patient outcomes
    Medical Plastics News | December 2017

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  • Soak it up: Examining bioabsorbable polymers in healthcare
    Medical Plastics News | May 2017

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