We look beyond products to deliver solutions. To meet the increasingly demanding challenges of today’s health care needs, we are giving some of the best minds in the industry room to innovate in our state-of-the-art production facilities across the globe. Here, they cooperate directly with clients to create customized answers to difficult problems.

APIs and intermediates
API & intermediates

- Keto acids
- Chlorhexidine
- Controlled-substance API
- Amino acid API
- Intermediates
- Amino acid building blocks

Pharmaceutical amino acids
Pharmaceutical amino acids

- REXIM® amino acids for parenteral nutrition

Oral Drug Delivery Oral Excipients
Pharmaceutical excipients

- EUDRAGIT® polymers for oral drug delivery
- Immediate release
- Delayed release
- Time-controlled release
- Solubility enhancement


- RESOMER® polymers for pharmaceuticals and medical devices
- RESOMER® Composite for use in the production of bone fixation devices
- RESOMER® Select custom polymer development
- RESOMER® Sterile sterile controlled release PLGA excipient
- RESOMER® Zero controlled release polymers with residual tin content < 1 ppm

cQrex - Cell culture ingredients
Cell culture ingredients

- cQrex™ high-quality cell culture ingredients

Health ingredients
Health ingredients

- AvailOm® omega-3 lysine complex
- Healthberry® natural berry extract with high anthocyanin content
- PentaQQ™ PQQ ingredient for boosting mitochondrial performance
- REXIVA® amino acids for nutritional applications
- RISUMALT® sugar free sweetener solution

Nutraceutical coatings
Nutraceutical coatings

- EUDRAGUARD® protect taste and odor masking
- EUDRAGUARD® control controlled release to protect nutrients from gastric acids
- EUDRAGUARD® biotic targeted colonic delivery
- EUDRAGUARD® natural natural taste and odor masking

Liposome manufacturing equipment
Liposome manufacturing equipment

- LIPEX® extruders for seamless scale-up from research to clinical manufacturing


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