Keto acids

Keto acids

High quality supply of keto acids.

Keto acids are used for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Their role is to relieve the build-up of nitrogenous waste and other toxic substances inside the body.

Evonik provides total end-to-end support for your launch of generic KETOSTERIL® – including five keto acids, other amino acids and the supply of EUDRAGIT® to complete the formulation. Evonik has an ASMF in place in Europe, and DMFs in various countries that support customer submissions.

Evonik has produced keto acids in Germany for over 30 years and always maintains stocks of the necessary materials.
Moreover, our impurity profiles are class-leading across the industry. This is an important fact, as the medicine has a very high daily uptake (>2g/day).

APIs and intermediates

Find further information on our portfolio of API, intermediates, amino acids as nutrients and excipients.

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