Resomer Sterile

Resomer® Sterile

New options. Improved processes. Streamlined processing.  

RESOMER® Sterile is the first and only sterile controlled release poly (lactic-co-glycolic) (PLGA) excipient that enables new options for the manufacturing of parenteral drugs, improved process controls and streamlined steps for aseptic processing. RESOMER® Sterile versions are available on a made to order basis for any controlled release RESOMER® catalogue product or RESOMER® Select custom-made product.  

Key properties of Resomer® Sterile:
  • Proprietary manufacturing process for sterile RESOMER® polymers

  • White powder with a bulk density for easy handling during formulation

  • For solvent purified and vacuum distilled polymers

  • Allow for aseptic processing of solutions that cannot be filtered or powders

  • Avoids possible detrimental effects on polymer, API, and drug products from terminal sterilization

  • Minimized bioburden level of raw material for terminal sterilized process

  • High sterility assurance level - SAL 10-6

  • Applicable to all controlled release RESOMER® catalogue and RESOMER® Select products

  • Proven reliability, quality and supply chain security

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