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cQrex™ - High Quality
Cell culture ingredients

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Cell culture customers around the world rely on Evonik Health Care because we offer a unique combination of development expertise, manufacturing capabilities and service scope. Combining longstanding knowledge in pharmaceutical standards and biotechnology, Evonik Health Care brings two worlds together in a hotbed of innovation. Our amino acids provide the solid basis for your media, while our unique peptide- and keto-acid based boosters take your productivities to new heights.

With Evonik, you can count on:
  • High purity animal origin free products, with controlled levels of heavy metals, microorganisms and endotoxins,
    compliant to cGMP

  • Reliable and consistent quality: from ISO certification (9001, 14001) to validated procedures for production and
    cleaning and strict change control/notification policies

  • Documentation that makes life easier for you: CEP, DMF, statements on allergens, residual solvents, BSE/TSE

  • Safe supply out of sites in France and China, both with solid track records of successful audits

cQrex™ sample kit

Are you interested in our products and would like to order a sample kit of cQrex™ cell culture ingredients?
It allows you to test our substances in your system, as no cell line is quite the same. 

Get in contact with our experts or sign in to our onCare web portal to order a sample kit.

cQrex - Cell culture ingredients
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cQrex - Cell culture ingredients

- Highly purified amino acids, chemically defined boosters, customized media ingredients and application services


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