PQQ ingredient for boosting mitochondrial performance.

PQQ is an innovative ingredient that stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis and supports neuroprotective and cardioprotective function.

PentaQQ™ is Evonik’s brand of pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), which is also known as methoxatin. As the body does not synthesize PQQ itself, it must be consumed through diet, for example via fermented soybeans or green peppers. However, the content of PQQ in vegetables is very low.

As a key reduction-oxidation (redox) cofactor in human nutrition, PQQ binds protein within cells and acts as an antioxidant. PQQ is known for activating several signaling pathways in the mitochondrial biogenesis oxidative metabolism, stimulating cell growth and differentiation.

Many international studies suggest that PQQ has protective effect on different health areas:

  • Mitochondria within human cells

  • Neurons from oxidative damage

  • Heart muscle after ischemic injury 


Benefits of PentaQQ™

  • Stable and reliable supply

  • GRAS for U.S.

  • Highest quality standards

  • Non-GMO product 


PentaQQ™ can be formulated to different delivery forms, such as HPMC capsules, direct compressed tablets, granules and pellets. 

Release profiles for PentaQQ™ can be tailored to your specific requirements using our EUDRAGUARD® formulation toolbox. For example a sustained release from 2 hours up to several hours can be achieved when formulating with EUDRAGUARD® control.



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