Pharmaceutical excipients

Pharmaceutical excipients

Methacrylate polymers for oral drug delivery.

Pharmaceutical excipients that deliver the full potential of your drug and improve patient compliance.

Evonik is a major provider of functional pharmaceutical excipients, biodegradable polymers for medical devices, controlled release applications and advanced formulation solutions, for oral and parenteral use.

Poly(meth)acrylates for oral solid dosage forms

We draw on our portfolio of EUDRAGIT® polymers to develop coatings and matrix systems for oral dosage forms that increase the delivery precision of active pharmaceutical ingredients and enhance patient compliance. We solve challenges and add value when it comes to

  • pH controlled drug release

  • Time controlled release

  • Specific release profiles

  • Taste masking

  • Moisture protection

  • Solubility enhancement

The need for drug delivery systems in oral drug delivery 

Watch the below video with Thomas Riermeier, Head of Product Line Pharma Polymers & Services, who explains why our offerings for oral modified-release systems go far beyond the EUDRAGIT® product. He also gives insights on how he envisions the future of personalized medicine, drug delivery and 3D printing. Find out how we can become Your Competitive Advantage to meet the drug delivery challenges of tomorrow.

Immediate release
EUDRAGIT® - Setting benchmarks in oral solid dosage forms since 1954 brochure

Find further information on our portfolio of EUDRAGIT® polymers for defining targeted drug release.

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- Acrylic and methacrylic copolymers for functional oral solid dosage forms

Immediate release
Immediate release

- Encapsulation of sensitive actives, masking drug taste and odor

Immediate release
Delayed release

- Protection from the gastric fluids in the stomach’s acidic environment

Immediate release
Time-controlled release

- Custom timed drug release, multiparticulates or matrix formulations

Solubility Enhancement
Solubility enhancement

- Ensuring your new active pharmaceutical ingredients deliver on their promise


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