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An industry leader in continuous processes for more than five decades

The use of continuous processes for complex or multi-stage API syntheses can generate significant safety, quality, yield and financial benefits over batch processing. Evonik has more than 50 years of experience in the development and application of continuous processes, with more than two-thirds of our own products made in this manner. If you are seeking a preferred CMO partner for the pilot or large-scale production of your API, we provide seamless support from process development through to customized production, continuous separation and work-up.

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Continuous processing solutions from development to separation and work-up

Evonik seeks to apply continuous processing technologies for each step within the manufacturing process where additional value can be generated. With a broad, flexible portfolio of established processes and technologies for continuous separation and work-up, we can create custom solutions that match your specific project requirements. By identifying the right parameters for each stage of synthesis upfront, we help you to select the best combination of batch and flow chemistry technologies to enhance process safety, optimize purity and yield, and improve economies of scale. Established processes are in place for a wide range of technologies, with an expert team ready to support the development or optimization of each reactor. We have an extensive track record of success with technologies including:

  • Micro- and milli-reactors
  • Loop or tube reactors
  • Trickle-bed reactors
  • Column reactors
  • Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR)

In addition, we provide a range of continuous separation and work-up technologies including extraction, distillation, Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMB), crystallization, centrifugation, filtration, and drying.

A modular pilot plant for continuous processing

Evonik has recently opened a new Modular Continuous Pilot (MCP) plant to enable versatility for continuous reactions within a cGMP-qualified environment. This modular plant, situated at our development and manufacturing facility in Hanau, Germany, has been harmonized with other Evonik sites to support the streamlined scale-up of continuous processes into large scale production. A range of reaction types can be accommodated, including hydrogenations and those where the use of either low or high temperatures, or hazardous gases, are required. A range of hazardous compounds can also be accommodated.

Seamless project support through to large-scale production

In addition to having an established network of Western-based manufacturing sites to support the high-quality production of API utilizing continuous processes, customers of Evonik can leverage the expertise of our large process technology and engineering unit. This global interdisciplinary team of more than 500 process engineers, chemists, analysts, technicians and other specialists has a proven track record in managing large, complex projects that involve continuous flow chemistry. Contact Evonik to learn more about our expertise in continuous processes, as well as other complementary technology areas including organometallic chemistry, cryogenic chemistry, HPAPI and highly pure PEG and mPEGs.

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