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Evonik uses biotechnology in the form of fermentative and biocatalytic production processes to manufacture highly pure amino acids, probiotics, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical active ingredients. At Evonik Health Care, our innovative cell culture solutions are designed to meet the needs of biopharma companies worldwide by allowing increased cell culture performance and more efficient manufacturing of life-saving biopharmaceutical drugs and cutting-edge treatments.

A preferred partner in the biopharma industry

Our cell culture solutions support you in the development of biopharmaceutical products. Media providers and biopharma companies around the world rely on our unique combination of high-quality ingredients, expertise across chemistry and biotechnology and solid manufacturing capabilities.

We offer a broad portfolio of cell culture ingredients and related services as a technology platform which contributes to highly effective drug development. Our best-in-class cell culture solutions can be used in the manufacturing of therapeutic proteins like monoclonal antibodies as well as in the production of viral vectors for gene therapy and specific cells for cell therapy. They help you to ensure optimal growth and viability of cells, enabling the efficient production of biopharmaceutical drugs. The Evonik production network relies on decades-long manufacturing experience and an excellent degree of backward integration to ensure the highest level of quality control and the reliable supply of critical cell culture ingredients.

A world-leading supplier of high-quality cell culture ingredients

Evonik offers a wide portfolio of non-animal-derived cell culture ingredients which are readily available at commercial scale. As building blocks of proteins, highly pure amino acids are key media components. When manufactured and purified to the highest regulatory and quality standards, they guarantee reproducibility and optimal cell growth.

Our chemically synthesized cQrex® ingredients are designed to solve formulation challenges in cell culture media. With their superior chemical stability, high solubility at neutral pH and metabolic bioavailability, the cQrex® peptides help to overcome limitations in media formulations, support process intensification and simplification and eventually contribute to increased bioprocess productivity and cell culture performance. The Evonik cell culture portfolio also includes PhytoChol® BioPharma, a plant-derived cholesterol especially developed for use in animal-free cell culture media, and specialty carbohydrates like D-Mannose which enable a higher flexibility in the production of therapeutic proteins.

Evonik is a leading manufacturer of cell culture media ingredients that are used in the production of biologics. Optimized cellular nutrition is key to cultivate cells and efficiently produce biotherapeutics with consistently high quality​. 

Boost your biopharma business with our capabilities

Consistent quality

Highly pure cell culture ingredients:

  • Produced in regularly audited cGMP facilities
  • Following our global pharma-grade quality system
  • Controlled for impurities incl. endotoxins and heavy metals

Established manufacturing capabilities

Global production network with:

  • Western-based production in large manufacturing sites
  • Decades-long manufacturing experience
  • High degree of backward integration for supply security

Commercial track record

Innovative and attractive solutions:

  • Used in a variety of commercial biopharma programs
  • Readily available at commercial scale
  • Available globally via our numerous regional offices

Solutions provider

More than a simple ingredients provider:

  • Expanding portfolio of non-animal-derived ingredients
  • Application support based on strong formulation know-how
  • Comprehensive expertise in biotech and chemistry

Our dedicated locations for biopharma

Regulatory and application support for cost-efficient biopharma production

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond our products. As a solutions provider, we are dedicated to helping biopharma companies and media manufacturers navigate the complex regulatory environment and market access challenges. Building up on our strong expertise in biotechnology and biosolutions, we provide application support and media formulation guidance to help you boost the cell culture performance while reducing complexity and cost of biopharma production.

Get in touch with our experts to learn more about how we can meet the unique needs of your company.