Optimize your cell culture media performance with cQrex® ingredients


You may be familiar with our amino acids, specialty carbohydrates, or the plant-based cholesterol PhytoChol®. Our portfolio of cQrex® peptides offers biopharmaceutical companies a wide range of cell culture ingredients manufactured to a consistently high level of quality at trusted facilities. cQrex® peptides have the versatility to overcome a range of solubility and stability limitations related to specific amino acids. They can also enhance cell culture performance for the production of therapeutic proteins or viral vectors. The cQrex® ingredients are well established for commercial use across the global cell culture industry.

The highest quality amino acids provide you with reliable cell culture media performance

If you are looking for the highest quality cell culture ingredients, you must start with high-quality amino acids. Evonik has been a global leader in the supply of highly pure amino acids for several decades. Here are some of the reasons major media manufacturers and biopharmaceutical companies rely on Evonik as their source of cell culture solutions.

  • Our amino acids are non-animal derived and precisely controlled to eliminate impurities including endotoxins and heavy metals.
  • As the basis for our cell culture ingredients, our amino acids are fully compliant with cGMP requirements including the use of strict change control policies
  • To further reduce regulatory risk, our well-established cGMP manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia are ISO certified (9001, 14001), and have an excellent inspection record for audits.

Cqrex® ingredients ensure quality consistency, reduce risks and improve productivity

Our cQrex® portfolio of peptides is designed to overcome limitations in media formulation and storage stability. Our peptides also help to intensify cell culture processes and drive overall productivity by solving the common stability and solubility challenges of amino acids.

Here are some ways cQrex® can help you improve your cell culture systems. 

  • To maximize consistency, you can use defined components instead of non-defined complex mixtures to remove a source of risk related to batch-to-batch variation.
  • To eliminate the negative effects of excessive salt and pH spikes, you can use soluble peptides that do not require the use of caustic feeds to solubilize sufficient nutrients.
  • Our cQrex® peptides help improve titer, boost productivity and get the most out of cell culture processes.

cQrex® ingredients are readily available at commercial scale, with a long history of use across a variety of commercial biologics programs.

How cQrex® boosts cell culture performance

cQrex®: Greater performance thanks to stable and soluble peptides

Process intensification

  • Efficiently metabolized by cells
  • Highly concentrated feed, perfusion or basal media
  • More nutrients boost cell proliferation and viability

Process simplification  

  • No need for extreme pH to solubilize ingredients
  • Lower risk for bioprocess and operators
  • All ingredients in a single, pH-neutral feed

Increased productivity  

  • Enhanced cell metabolism (growth and viability)
  • Increased cell-specific productivity
  • Bioreactor used at its full capacity

Spice up your media formulation with the cQrex® ingredients

Product group



Glutamine peptides

cQrex® AQ

Classical stabilized source of L-Glutamine, with a fast uptake rate

cQrex® GQ
Glycyl-L-Glutamine hydrate

Alternative glutamine peptide for cell lines which are sensitive to L-Alanine accumulation

Tyrosine peptides

cQrex® GY
Glycyl-L-Tyrosine dihydrate

Soluble source of L-Tyrosine, when high concentrations at neutral pH are needed

cQrex® AY
L-Alanyl-L-Tyrosine dihydrate

Alternative tyrosine peptide for more flexibility in media design

Cystine peptide

cQrex® AC

Soluble source of L-Cystine for concentrated feeds

cQrex® KC 

N,N-di-L-Lysyl-L-Cystine dihydrochloride 

Highly soluble cystine peptide to formulate concentrated basal, feed and perfusion media at neutral pH


cQrex® AKG
α-Ketoglutaric acid

Titer-enhancing additive to protect cells against oxidative damage

Order a sample of cQrex® ingredients: Chemically defined and non-animal derived

Evonik has combined its portfolio of peptides and the keto acid AKG into an integrated sample kit that allows you to test our finest cell culture ingredients in your own cell culture system.

Discover for yourself how cQrex® peptides can help to stabilize components, extend cell longevity, solubilize critical constituents, optimize the concentration of essential nutrients and increase productivity. Individual samples of standard amino acids can also be supplied upon request.

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