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Evonik is a global cell culture partner to the biopharmaceutical industry

Intensified and high-performing biopharma processes have raised the bar on the requirements for fully defined and animal-free cell culture media ingredients. Many of the world’s largest and most innovative biopharmaceutical companies partner with Evonik to further optimize their media platforms and processes. Our portfolio of amino acids, dipeptides, performance boosters and related services leverages six decades of industry leadership in highly purified amino acids, together with strong backward integration into starting materials and supply from trusted manufacturing sites in France and Asia. In addition to our robust pharmaceutical-grade quality system, Evonik’s cell culture customers can also rely upon our deep technical expertise across chemistry, biotechnology, product purification and formulation development. Regardless of your research, production or clinical application requirements, we are ready to serve as a strong, flexible and dependable partner to help you reduce risk, improve robustness, boost productivity and strengthen supply security.

cQrex® cell culture solutions with industry recognized benefits

cQrex® is Evonik’s market-leading brand of cGMP-grade cell culture ingredients that are used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies to boost cell culture performance. Commercially proven for reliable media performance across countless biological programs, our cQrex® portfolio features a range of peptides and keto acids that we designed to address key issues in mammalian cell culture. The foundation stone for such outcomes are our high-quality and animal origin-free amino acids, which have earned the industry’s finest reputation for batch-to-batch reproducibility at any clinical or commercial scale. All of our cell culture ingredients can be customized on-demand to address your specific formulation requirements. In addition to screenings and booster development services, cQrex® customers can also benefit from our strong local knowledge of cell culture markets worldwide.

cQrex® peptides provide optimum amino acid supply and solve solubility and stability problems in cell culture media

The cQrex® portfolio of dipeptides has been developed to provide customer solutions to the most challenging problems encountered with certain amino acids in high-performing cell culture processes. Based on their superior solubility, chemical stability and metabolic bioavailability, they have become essential tools in media development. Compared to tyrosine and glutamine, which can have low levels of solubility at the desired neutral pH range, or be chemically reactive and unstable, a range of highly soluble and stable dipeptides are available including cQrex® GY (Glycyl-L-tyrosine), cQrex® GQ (Glycyl-L-glutamine) and cQrex® AQ (L-alanyl-L-glutamine).
Their functional superiority enables them to serve as a full replacement without any negative impact on titer or productivity to improve biological performance, reduce process risk and decrease operational complexity. Because of the especially low stability of glutamine in a solution form, we also offer a functionally optimized, easy-to-use liquid concentrate formulation of glutamine peptides called cQrex® AAQ plus that is designed to deliver higher viable cell density and improved cell-specific productivity. 

cQrex® | The finest cell culture ingredients

Other cQrex® cell culture performance boosters include GMP peptides and keto acids

Additional performance boosters available within the portfolio of cQrex® cell culture ingredients include cQrex® AKG (α-ketoglutaric acid) that functions as a titer enhancing additive to protect against oxidative damage, and cQrex® Carnosine (β-alanyl-L-histidine), a signaling peptide that can extend cellular viability. Other cell culture ingredients available within the platform include cQrex® (AC), a highly soluble cysteine source that can also be used to stabilize free cysteine, and cQrex® AY that acts as an alternative tyrosine peptide for greater flexibility in media design. All of these cell culture ingredients are animal-origin free, available at commercial scale and can be easily customized to address specific project needs. 

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