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Enhancing Biopharmaceutical Production: The Impact of Chemically Defined Peptides on Biopharma Upstream Process Efficiency and Cost

By chemically coupling L-Tyrosine to glycine via a peptide bond, cQrex® GY delivers solubility that is up to 50 times higher than free L-Tyrosine at neutral pH. This means you can prepare concentrated feeds without the need to modify pH, reducing process complexity and risk. Plus, cQrex® GY is non-animal derived and chemically defined, making it a safe and reliable choice for your cell cultivation needs. Learn more in this article. ... MORE

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Here you will find many videos about our products, technologies and services. For example, see how we set up lipid production in Hanau as part of the Lightspeed project. With the help of the lipids, Evonik partner BioNTech can now produce more vaccine against the CoVid19 virus.

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