A preferred supplier and development partner that can optimize the quality and performance of your cell culture media formulations

Many of the world’s leading cell culture media companies rely upon Evonik for their amino acids and performance boosters

By partnering with Evonik and leveraging our cQrex® portfolio of amino acids and dipeptides, biopharmaceutical companies can source a range of high-purity cell culture ingredients manufactured to a consistently high level of quality at trusted, Western-based facilities. Our broad, flexible portfolio of cQrex® dipeptides are designed to overcome a range of solubility and stability limitations for amino acids, and are now well established for commercial use across the global cell culture industry. In addition to the manufacturing and supply of these high-quality performance boosters, we are also a preferred partner in the development of new and customized ingredients on demand. Furthermore, we provide customers worldwide with a range of regulatory, screening and formulation services to further enhance the value of their cell culture media.

The highest quality amino acids are our foundation to providing you with reliable cell culture media performance

If you are searching for the highest quality cell culture ingredients, then it must all start with the use of the highest quality amino acids. Evonik has been a global leader in the supply of high purity amino acids for several decades.

  • In addition to being animal-origin free, our amino acids are precisely controlled to eliminate impurities including endotoxins and heavy metals.
  • These amino acids that form the basis of our cell culture ingredients are fully compliant with cGMP requirements including the use of strict change control policies.
  • To further reduce regulatory risk, our well-established cGMP manufacturing facilities in France and China are ISO certified (9001, 14001), and have an excellent inspection record for audits.

These are some of the reasons why major cell culture media companies rely on Evonik as their source of amino acids and cell culture solutions.

Performance boosters for cell culture media than can ensure quality consistency, reduce risk and improve productivity

Our cQrex® portfolio of performance boosters is designed to create significant value in cell culture applications.

  • To maximize consistency, we utilize defined components instead of non-defined complex mixtures to remove a source of risk for batch-to-batch variation.
  • To eliminate the risk of batch losses due to overdosing, we utilize soluble dipeptides that do not require the use of caustic feeds.
  • Customers can also rely upon even small amounts of our cQrex® boosters to help them improve titer, boost productivity and shorten development times.

Above all, all of our performance boosters are readily available at commercial scale, with a long history of use across a variety of commercial biologics programs.

Our customization and other services can help you create additional value for your cell culture media applications

If you are seeking other specialized cell culture products on-demand, we can easily support you in the customization of molecular properties from lab to commercial scale. For new products, we can leverage a full portfolio of manufacturing capabilities and technologies to support a range of chemical synthesis, enzymatic and fermentation processes. Our teams of scientists can help to tailor molecular properties to best match your specific formulation needs. Furthermore, Evonik provides a range of regulatory services for standard and custom products, with our documentation and quality systems well positioned to streamline your registration processes. If you require additional booster development or screening services, such as de-novo synthesis or chemical modification up to DoE-based combinations, our team is also available to help find your ideal solution.

cQrex™ range of dipeptides and performance boosters



Glutamine peptides

cQrex® AQ

  • The classical stabilized form of glutamine

cQrex® GQ

  • Alternative stable replacement of free glutamine

cQrex® AAQ

  • Increases cell-specific productivity

Tyrosine peptides

cQrex® GY

  • Tyrosine replacement when high concentrations at neutral pH are needed

cQrex® AY

  • The alternative tyrosine peptide for more flexibility in media design

Cystine peptide

cQrex® AC

  • Cystine replacement for concentrated feeds


cQrex® AKG
α-ketoglutaric acid

  • Titer-enhancing additive, protects cells against oxidative damage

cQrex® Carnosine

  • Protects primary and stem cells against oxidative damage, influences cell aging

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