High-purity amino acids for various applications

Amino acids are often referred to as the building blocks of life. As a core constituent of proteins, amino acids play a vital role in a range of biochemical processes that govern our metabolism and health. When these amino acids are manufactured and purified to the highest quality standards, they become an essential ingredient in countless products used across areas including medical nutrition, nutraceuticals, APIs, excipients, cell culture and many more applications.

Evonik has been one of the world’s leading and most trusted global suppliers of highly purified amino acids for more than 60 years. Our reliable manufacturing network with production sites in Europe and Asia and value-added services for amino acids, salts and derivatives make us a trusted global leader in the industry.


Empowering innovation in medical nutrition, nutraceuticals and pharma

A nutritionally balanced diet is important for a healthy life. When a sufficient nutrient intake cannot be ensured, additional support is necessary – this support comes in the form of medical nutrition. With our amino acid portfolio, we have earned a reputation for quality and dependability with the most comprehensive range of readily available, high-quality amino acids and amino acid derivatives for medical nutrition applications.

As part of dietary supplements, our non-animal derived amino acids address the needs of active people to support a healthy lifestyle, anti-fatigue, ammonia detoxification, stimulation of protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies rely on Evonik's high-purity amino acids as intermediates or building blocks for APIs. All our amino acids are consistently manufactured to the highest quality standard at trusted cGMP facilities.

Evonik's amino acids are highly suitable as versatile pharmaceutical excipients to aid in the manufacturing process, protect, support or enhance stability, for bioavailability, to define release profiles or even to improve patient acceptance.

As building blocks of proteins, amino acids are key components of cell culture media used in the production of biopharmaceuticals such as therapeutic proteins or viral vectors.

Leveraging our formulation and application services for amino acids

Evonik has the technical expertise, operational capabilities and global network of laboratories to provide you with an extensive range of value-adding services relating to the use of pharmaceutical amino acids, including ingredient formulation, special packaging and regulatory registration support. We can help you improve your formulations to give you a clear competitive advantage in your end market. In addition, we can provide our own formulations for certain products and applications. Our development services cover all steps from early feasibility studies to large-scale production transfer, including clinical supply manufacturing and scale-up support. To support your quality, development and regulatory submission processes, we provide comprehensive data packages as a service to our customers.

End-to-end control ensures premium quality and supply reliability

Being backward-integrated for several amino acids, we are able to perform every step of the manufacturing process in-house – from the production of basic amino acids, to chemical derivatization and GMP-grade purification. The same goes for our supply chain. Having full control over every input into our processes allows us to deliver high-quality products consistently and ensure reliable security of supply. It also means we offer a level of accountability that is rare in the industry.

Advancing sustainability through green electricity and innovative recycling

The Health Care business at Evonik has committed to reducing its direct and indirect CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) from production to zero by 2030. To achieve this goal, Evonik's sites in Slovenská Ľupča (Slovakia) and Ham (France) and Nanning (China), already use 100 percent green electricity. In addition to switching from fossil fuel (coal) generated electricity to green electricity, which is a mix of solar, wind and hydro power, other measures have been taken to ensure the external recycling of solvents. Agreements with suppliers have made it possible to return used solvents for use in other industries. Evonik continues to work to improve its footprint and maximize its handprint. 

Discover Evonik's amino acids portfolio. With rigorous regulatory purification and quality standards, we can help you advance your project whether it is in medical nutrition, nutraceuticals, APIs, excipients or cell culture. Shape health and innovation with our premium amino acids.

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