Amino acids for nutritional applications

REXIVA® is a range of highly purified amino acids suitable for all nutritional applications – from infant and sports nutrition to supplements and flavors. As the building blocks of life, amino acids are involved in most biochemical processes within the human body (proteins). As a result, they play an integral role in metabolism and overall health.

The amino acids found in proteins are called protein genic amino acids. These are all L-amino acids and can be divided into two categories: essential and non-essential. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body and therefore need to be obtained from diet, whereas non-essential amino acids can be synthesized within the body.

Benefits of REXIVA®

The REXIVA® brand draws on decades of Evonik expertise in the field of amino acids and related compounds. REXIVA® is a byword for guaranteed high quality – comprising products that fulfill all necessary regulatory and quality-related standards:

  • Non-GMO
  • Non-animal origin
  • Full control of all quality parameters (purity, microbiology, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Analytical methods in compliance with USP, FCC, Codex Alimentarius
  • Kosher and halal certification
  • Statements on allergens, residual solvents and BSE/TSE are available
  • Leading European-based global supplier of amino acids
  • Maximum supply security due to backward integration of our main amino acids such as methionine, serine & proline
  • Highly purified and suitable for all nutritional applications

At the core of the REXIVA® brand is a unique combination of chemistry, biotechnology and purification technology. We have the ability to combine upstream and downstream integration with the full control of our supply chain.

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Applications of REXIVA®

Amino acids play a fundamental role in many functions of the human body, including protein synthesis. But what distinguishes REXIVA®?
REXIVA® amino acids are suitable for use in diverse nutritional applications, such as:

  • Dietary supplements: benefits include detoxification of the body and prevention of nutritional deficits
  • Infant nutrition: amino acids are used as a protein source for hypoallergenic infant formulas when cow milk or soy milk cannot be digested
  • Sports nutrition: amino and keto acids help to decrease muscle fatigue by reducing ammonia levels, and by stimulating protein synthesis and muscle growth
  • Flavor enhancers: amino acids give flavor to food products – either on their own, or by reacting with other ingredients during cooking
  • Medical nutrition: amino acids are used in medical enteral nutrition applications such as tube feeding, when a standard protein source (whey, milk, etc.) cannot be digested
  • Meal replacement: amino acids are used as a source of protein in meal replacements, as only small quantities are needed

In addition to single L-amino acids, we offer a host of specific ingredients to meet your formulation needs.

  • Amino acid salts
  • Keto acids
  • Peptides

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