Evonik is a trusted supplier of high-quality generic APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates

An extensive portfolio of generic APIs and intermediates renowned for their quality, safety and supply security

Evonik is a leading supplier of high-quality generic APIs and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry. Our portfolio of intermediates includes a wide variety of amino acids and derivatives that are used as starting materials for APIs. We also provide multiple types of phosphonium salts and boronic acids. All of these generic APIs and ingredients are consistently manufactured to the highest quality standards at trusted cGMP facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia. With more than 40 years of expertise in chemistry, biotechnology and purification, and a strong track record of quality and regulatory excellence, we are ready to help you reduce supply chain risks and accelerate your path to market.

Our high-quality generic APIs include keto acids, amino acids and derivatives

For more than 30 years, Evonik has been the world’s largest producer of keto acids such as Ketosteril® that are used as chemically derived APIs in the treatment of chronic kidney disease. Our keto acid manufacturing sites in Germany and China have earned a strong industry reputation for consistent quality, with extensive stockpiles of necessary materials maintained to further optimize supply chain security. Another API product is Dimercaprol (BAL), a treatment for toxic metal poisoning.

For decades, Evonik has been a leading company in the production of natural and unnatural amino acids, as well as their derivatives. These compounds are highly valuable as they serve as essential building blocks, chiral ligands, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), API precursors, and intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry.

Amino acids play a crucial role in asymmetric synthesis, particularly in the creation of chiral downstream compounds through a method known as "chiral pool" syntheses. One advantage of this approach is that it eliminates the need to generate the stereogenic center during synthesis. Additionally, the asymmetrical induction of this structural feature can be utilized to create new stereogenic elements.

Evonik has extensive expertise in chiral chemistry, which is based on its amino acid platform. This expertise enables Evonik to provide high-quality products and solutions in the field of chiral chemistry for various applications.

Alongside generic APIs, we offer a broad range of intermediates with added value

When it comes to supplying intermediates that are used to support the chemical synthesis of various generic APIs, Evonik is strongly positioned to serve as a preferred partner. Our broad range of amino acids and related derivatives are widely used as starting materials in the synthesis of APIs such as peptides, antiviral and high blood pressure drugs. Dozens of phosphonium salts and Ylides, which are used in the synthesis of a range of generic APIs including prostaglandins as well as other non-pharmaceutical applications, are available for standard or custom ordering. We also offer a range of boronic acids, which are used as intermediates for APIs used in therapeutic areas like oncology.

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