EUDRAGIT® Polymers for Immediate release

Functional coating solutions to address your immediate release requirements

For more than half a century, Evonik has been helping pharmaceutical companies to optimize oral solid dosage forms that are targeted for immediate drug release. To improve rates of brand preference and patient compliance amongst patient populations including children and the elderly, we have established a core competency in the development of dosage forms that are pleasant to feel, smell and taste, and easy to swallow. We have also gained a strong reputation in helping pharmaceutical companies protect APIs that are sensitive to light, moisture or oxygen to improve drug stability. And to save pharmaceutical companies time and cost, we developed ready-to-use powder blends. By leveraging the versatility and performance record of our EUDRAGIT® portfolio as well as a global network of formulation and application specialists with decades of immediate release expertise, we are ready to advance and differentiate your oral medicines.

Immediate release solutions for superior swallowability

The ability to easily swallow tablets, capsules and other oral dosage forms can dramatically affect rates of patient safety and compliance for oral medications that are targeted for immediate release. In addition to the need to address potential swallowability issues for pediatric or geriatric patients, many people are affected by a swallowing disorder known as Dysphagia that can occur due to medical conditions within the oral cavity, the pharynx, the esophagus or the gastro-esophageal junction. Multiple regulatory agencies now highlight the importance of pharmaceutical companies developing oral drug products for immediate release in dosage forms that have proven easy swallowability. Studies have found that EUDRAGIT® polymers have highly attractive characteristics to improve swallowability, including non-sticking tendencies and the maintenance of coating integrity during the passage of the dosage form through the oropharyngeal tract. In addition to having smooth, glossy surfaces, immediate release EUDRAGIT® polymers can deliver reliable functionality even with coating levels as thin as 10-20 μm to minimize dosage size and improve production efficiencies.

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Immediate release solutions for taste and odor masking

The taste, texture and smell of an oral solid dosage form can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a high level of preference amongst target patient populations, in particular infants or children. EUDRAGIT® E polymers for immediate release are widely used by pharmaceutical companies to mask the taste or odor of their oral drug products. In addition to having a neutral taste and smell, they have a smooth, pleasant feel in the mouth with minimal amounts of polymer typically required to obtain the desired functionality. Evonik is also able to leverage decades of immediate release experience for tailoring dosage forms to match the specific taste and odor masking requirements of target population segments including infants, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

Immediate release solutions for light, moisture and oxygen protection

Environmental factors including temperature, humidity, oxygen and light can significantly change the quality of a drug substance or drug product over time. Exposure to such factors may reduce drug functionality, generate impurities, reduce product stability or result in discoloration of the dosage form. Evonik specializes in the development of oral solid dosage forms that leverage functional coatings, techniques and packaging solutions to optimize the shelf life of drug products. We will find the right balance between substrate size, shape and coating thickness with our EUDRAGIT® polymers to attain the target protective functionality without compromising immediate drug release properties.

Ready-to-mix immediate release powders for faster, higher-quality coating processes

Evonik has developed a range of pre-mixed, ready-to-use powder blends that are easy to prepare, enable faster processing, and dissolve in either a low or high pH. Our ready-to-use powders can be supplied ready to match your specific requirements. All that you need to do is to simply add water and stir. In addition to the immediate release functionality advantages of EUDRAGIT® E PO polymers, our ready-to-use powders can significantly reduce production costs and preparation times for use with high-shear or propeller mixers. Ingredients such as color pigments or flavors can also be integrated into the mix. EUDRAGIT® E PO ReadyMix is optimized for superior taste masking, high moisture protection and color matching. EUDRAGIT® IR Readymix White is optimized for a superior optical appearance and excellent swallowability.

Immediate release polymers

Dissolution property

Soluble below pH 5.0
Permeable above pH 5.0

Organic solution

Soluble below pH 5.0
Permeable above pH 5.0


Soluble below pH 5.0
Permeable above pH 5.0

Ready-to-use powder blend

Soluble below pH 5.0
Permeable above pH 5.0

EUDRAGIT® IR ReadyMix White
Ready-to-use powder blend

Soluble below pH 5.0
Slowly dissolving above pH 5.0

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